Are there risks at the Clearview Landfill now?

  • At the Clearview Landfill, numerous contaminants have been detected in soil and water.  The most significant contaminants include PCBs, PAHs, certain metals and pesticides.
  • Unacceptable risks to people or living things in the environment were identified in surface and subsurface soils, groundwater and consumption of fish from Darby and Cobbs Creek.
  • At the Folcroft Landfill, metals and several semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) were identified as the most common contaminants in soil, leachate and groundwater.
  • The groundwater is also impacted by several volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and 1,4-dioxane.  The remedial investigation report, including the risk assessment is still in development for this landfill.

To learn how people can be exposed and what those risks are, click here.

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